Small House Plans Mean Faster Success

Building a home is not an overnight job. There’s a lot of planning, preparing, analyzing, scheduling, buying, organizing, and execution. It can seem endless. What you thought might take a few months can take more than two years!

But, what about a small home? Can that be done more quickly? Absolutely! And you can still get what you want and enjoy a beautiful home when you’re done.

The Benefits of Speed

I’ve coached hundreds of people in their home building projects. I know first hand how long it can take to build a home. And I know first hand that the longer it takes, the harder the process becomes and the chances of failure increase.

Look at these benefits of building a smaller home and building it faster:

Smaller homes require smaller crews to build
Small house plans require far fewer building materials
Small homes encounter fewer problems, challenges, and slow-downs
These homes are less complicated and costly to prepare/design
They require less engineering for the structure
Smaller foundations and rooflines are much quicker to build
Faster building times mean smaller loans and less interest charges

Long drawn out building times are discouraging and tax your patience and enthusiasm diminishes. It’s difficult to over-state the advantages of a shorter time frame for building a home.

Can You Get What You Want in Your Small Home Plan?

If you have to give up the things you want in a home just for the speed, you’ve made the wrong choice. Small homes and speedy build times are great goals but you’ll want to be sure you get what you want.

To be sure you do, prioritize your list of wants and convey this to your home’s designer. Take your time before you begin building and before you get any loan. Preparation is critical. Knowing what you want is the key factor. You will likely have to make compromises but with patient preparation, those compromises won’t result in losing things you truly want.

Small, Fast, and Well Coached

You know what you want. You’ve planned it all out. And you’ve created a small home design that can be built quickly. I recommend one more thing. Use a home building coach to keep you on track and spot any difficulties that may arise.

For a small fee, you can hire this construction management advisor who will be just one more arrow in your quiver to ensure a successful and *speedy* home building experience.

Now, go build that small house plan!