DIY Plumbing

Plumbing accidents seem to occur at the most inopportune times. No matter when it happens, however, a plumber should be immediately called, as any delay may increase the risk for water damage. Until such time as the plumber can actually arrive, however, a temporary repair can be accomplished.

Once a water leak has been discovered, the water to the house should be cut off at the main cutoff valve. This will stop the flow of water entering the home through the leaky pipe, and more damage, whether to the already-stressed plumbing or the house itself, will not occur.

Once the water flow has been halted, the area around the leak should be cleaned, and most of the excess water should be mopped up. Failure to do so, and allowing the area to remain wet, can cause warping or misshaping of wood, and can actually lead to the formation of mold, which can be a serious health threat to family members.

Small leaks may be able to be fixed with ordinary electrical tape. This is just a temporary solution as any leak will require the inspection and service of a qualified plumber. The pipe from which the leak originated should be dried first, so that the tape will stick more firmly. The tape should be applied, starting approximately 2″ away from the leak itself.

The tape should be wrapped over the leak and carried down the pipe until the tape is again approximately 2″ away from the leak. Once that is accomplished, several more layers of tape should be added, with the direction of the tape being changed each time the pipe is wrapped. This will serve to temporarily stop the leak.

Larger plumbing problems will likely need something more than electrical tape. In these incidences, a pipe clamp and piece of the inner tube from a bicycle tire, strategically placed can be used as a “stop-gap” (or “stop-leak”) measure until such time as the plumber can be called.  

Plumbing Emergencies

Gas Problems

A broken gas line is considered to be a serious plumbing emergency since there is danger of working around this gas. For the most part, this gas cannot be recognised by smell and hence you would require the services of professional plumbers in your area. A plumber has the knowledge, the tools as well as the equipments to detect and fix the broken gas lines. Once the problem is fixed, you would need proper threading of the fittings as well as the pipes, which can be done only by professional plumbers.

Sewer Lines

If you do not possess sufficient knowledge about the sewer lines, then you must not attempt to repair them. Broken sewer lines can be backed up and they may perhaps lead to flooding. Therefore, it would be best to hire the services of a Parkville plumber to fix the sewer lines in that region.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can often be frustrating and therefore people will use several methods to clear the drains such as drain cleaners or plunging. However, quite a few times, the clogs are pretty stubborn and would not unclog. This could happen if the clog is too deep or if there is a problem with the septic tank. In such situations, you would need to hire a professional plumber, who has the equipments as well as the expertise to deal with the clog.

Water Lines

Freezing or expanding cracks can lead to bursting water pipes. This can be a really difficult task to repair and hence you would need special equipments, pipe fittings and tools. The best thing to do would be to shut off the flowing water and then call the plumber.It would be best to hire the services of a Parkville plumber or White Marsh MD plumber, to fix the sewer lines in that region. Please visit, for more details.

Plumbing Forecast 2011

Glen Ellyn Plumbing Forecast 2011

As the new year approaches, industry experts and researchers are offering their insights about what 2011 will mean for the homeowner.
On a national scale, bathroom remodels continue to be one of the top upgrades home owners are making. Another big trend is the embrace of the home laundry room, with high efficiency washers enjoying a surge in popularity.

We’re all growing older, and that’s reflected in another plumbing trend: the embrace of universal design fixtures. Renovating bathrooms for older loved ones can include installing comfort height toilets, walk in tubs, and faucets that turn on and off with a touch.

Glen Ellyn IL Plumbing Trends

What will 2011 mean for the Glen Ellyn, IL homeowner? The region is in alignment with much of the nation: economic pressures have placed a high value on renovations and remodels that can save the homeowner money. Energy costs have been steadily rising, as have water bills. Making changes to contain those costs is a top trend.

At the same time, Glen Ellyn homeowners are also creating homes that are comfortable and beautiful. The details matter. Installing new fixtures, such as a new kitchen faucet, can entirely change the look of a room. Bathroom upgrades such as steam showers offer indulgent luxury at an affordable price, giving the homeowner the chance to enjoy a spa environment in their own home.

Conserve Water, Save Money!

Economic and environmental concerns are driving sales of low flush toilets, metered faucets, tankless water heaters, and other plumbing fixtures that conserve water. Replacing existing fixtures with more efficient models offers the homeowner the chance to enjoy significant savings on their water bill.

A low flush toilet uses just about half as much water as an older, more traditionally designed toilet: think of the money you’re flushing down the drain! In a large family, with multiple bathrooms, the costs can really add up. Your Glen Ellyn plumber can replace your existing toilet with a low flush toilet.

Preventative Maintenance Matters!

Our homes are our largest investment. We have to be willing to put the time and money into keeping them in good working order. Preventative maintenance generally costs less than having plumbing repairs done on an emergency basis. Additionally, preventative maintenance can prevent expensive problems from happening.

An example of this is drain cleaning. Drain cleaning, and sewer drain cleaning, should be part of every household’s regular maintenance routine. Every house needs its drains cleaned to remove organic material and debris that has accumulated in the pipes. If this is not done, your pipes can clog. A clog can cause a messy back up into your home, where your sinks and toilets overflow. Avoid this by having your Glen Ellyn, IL home’s drains cleaned.

Another area where preventative maintenance really pays off is your home’s heating system. Having your furnace or boiler serviced ensures your home heating system is running more efficiently. This saves you fuel, energy, and money. Additionally, home heating service makes sure your furnace is operating safely. Don’t wait for the cold dark hours of a frigid Glen Ellyn winter night to discover there’s a problem with your furnace!