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Upstream appliance manufacturers increased competition, leading to more sharing of household appliances containing thin profits, all appliance manufacturers have spared no effort to reduce sales in the middle of circulation, the implementation of the flat channel movement, expect to be in circulation by reducing costs to improve business profits, even in the home appliance industry has always been maverick Gree, also on Aug. 19, 2003, announced an increase in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and a regional stock sales of shares, from shares to full Holdings, which marks Gree abandoned his 1997 and pioneered regional pride and home appliances sales agents build the company’s sales model, a comprehensive reform of the flat into the channel.

Can say that from the view of external conditions, channel giant flat and home appliances chain in the channel in the increasingly prominent role is an indisputable fact, and will continue to be a trend. In this trend, there will be more and more home appliances agents were eliminated by history. However, this does not mean that the group will be home appliances agents from the historical stage, as a whole, home appliances agents certainly have their own value, and they understand the local market, get hold of some of the channels and so on are as home appliances agents to be the overall reason for existence. However, the appliance dealer order to survive, they must themselves make some adjustments to be able to adapt to channel flat and the rise of giant home appliance chain pressure.

1, the integrated appliances to the professional appliance dealer dealer development expertise and strong to do

Decision now most agents are often agents across several industries with N-appliance brands, I know a dealer, agent of the brand from the color TV, refrigerators to washing machines, stereos, fans, etc. and so on, some more involved in all the household appliances industry, it looks very powerful, very powerful, but really refined to a specific industry, its size is also very limited, thus, to the specific appliance maker that this influence extremely limited, so not only can not reduce the purchase cost, more importantly, the appliance maker that channel the low status of the value chain system, the lack of a home appliance manufacturer’s policy support and the cost advantages of agents, how can he in the market competitive.

A result, there is a home appliance as an agent, in order to survive in the market, it is necessary to change the original agent model, how to post, concentrated in a specific industry, to make good use of their limited funds, which focus on agents of a one or a few brands, manufacturers improve their upstream channel the role of value chain system to seek more right to speak, to do large upstream manufacturer’s agents. I came into contact with an appliance dealer, Jiangsu, because in the past two years, focus on audio branding agency, because of its brand positioning its agents are more specific to a certain extent the formation of specific dislocation within the industry operate, as energy and capital are concentrated, their agency brand in the local sales will go up quickly, and quickly create and agents in the industry in audio form a high reputation, and become the agent of key brands across the country to support and agents rely on one.

2, highlighting their logistics functions, to do major appliance manufacturers, “third-party logistics” providers

Upstream channel flat reform, does not mean that manufacturers will take all the flow functions, in fact, the upstream channel for manufacturers of flat campaign, we have to spend a lot of money, material and human resources as a precondition, as manufacturers, will not and can not have so much financial and material resources, manpower to fully enter the circulation they were not familiar with it for them, is worth the look. Most manufacturers of flat channel, is stationed throughout the terminal to the sales staff, in the compressed state on behalf of, on behalf of the same province, fully support the regional household appliances agents, with particular emphasis on regional home appliances agents can be given to manufacturers in logistics flat channel campaign to support.

Generally able to implement flat channels are relatively strong manufacturing business, if you want to continue to be the agents of this class of appliance business, we must inevitably strengthen the logistics in the building, and strengthen the delivery capacity of , must also have some cash flow. Manufacturers in the business flow into the system after the full development potential of their own logistics. While the product may be greater than the profit margin has dropped, but this way, agents own marketing costs reduced in line at the same time, the agent’s take the goods they can be straight up, coupled with year-end manufacturers rebate , together, the profit level should not be too low.

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Satisfied customers increased 50%, supermarket staff to replace salesmen

The past, we bought
Home Appliances
Only at different counters, different brands of the order of visit, also met from time to time the salesman’s “brain attack.” Now, to buy home appliances such as water and soil as they can, “about apples and oranges” easy pick.

Learned that this new “home appliances supermarket” model will be this weekend at Oriental Plaza
States United States
Shop and to meet you.

Supermarket model by placing appliances

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Can try to buy home appliances

Buyer power to try food, shopping and can appreciate the large LCD, thirsty have water to drink, there are chairs to sit tired, your favorite products free pick, free game as you play, visiting tired to “bar” easily a moment … … This is the first time home appliance store to see reporters.

“This so-called intelligent
Is there any special function? “‘s Edge to drink soymilk edge supermarket staff consultation. Saw each other laugh, apart from anything else Jiuwang machine yard down the green beans, fruits, said as demonstrate the machine’s intelligence, the surrounding shopping housewife attracted the .

All the prototype into a real machine

Products, people probably have this experience: in the glass showcase in phase one
, Asked a salesman out only to find the template shell, not feel completely test. However appliances supermarket, hundreds of thousands of digital products are all real machine! Moreover, the staff also devoted a good electrical charge to the real machine, installed a good calling card or core card. Members of the public interest test machine directly, without having to call staff or equipment over unlocking chip.

“Once the customer damaged the machine, or it was stolen in disarray how to do things?” A reporter asked. “Casually steal!” The supermarket staff with confidence with a laugh. Original supermarket every real machine are equipped with cable locks, if anyone tried to pull rope lock, alarm immediately sounded. As broke how do? “There wire lock to protect, as well as video guide in the digital enthusiasts believe not beat you?”

The salesman turned away

The appliance salesman, the customer has always been “love-hate relationship,” the. Is not it? You only need them for details of the product, they do not want to be led by the nose. In fact, brands and products salesman usually rebates, royalties and other terms linked, so they often make consumers feel the proposal with “selfish.” The reporter learned that the home appliance supermarkets all use their own staff, but will be turned away a salesman, to the maximum to avoid fraud, and makes customers more confidence to consumers.

The same time, the audience home appliances to the “supermarket display” mode, thus saving 50% space, compared to the same area of the supermarket satisfied customers increased by 50%.