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Upstream appliance manufacturers increased competition, leading to more sharing of household appliances containing thin profits, all appliance manufacturers have spared no effort to reduce sales in the middle of circulation, the implementation of the flat channel movement, expect to be in circulation by reducing costs to improve business profits, even in the home appliance industry has always been maverick Gree, also on Aug. 19, 2003, announced an increase in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and a regional stock sales of shares, from shares to full Holdings, which marks Gree abandoned his 1997 and pioneered regional pride and home appliances sales agents build the company’s sales model, a comprehensive reform of the flat into the channel.

Can say that from the view of external conditions, channel giant flat and home appliances chain in the channel in the increasingly prominent role is an indisputable fact, and will continue to be a trend. In this trend, there will be more and more home appliances agents were eliminated by history. However, this does not mean that the group will be home appliances agents from the historical stage, as a whole, home appliances agents certainly have their own value, and they understand the local market, get hold of some of the channels and so on are as home appliances agents to be the overall reason for existence. However, the appliance dealer order to survive, they must themselves make some adjustments to be able to adapt to channel flat and the rise of giant home appliance chain pressure.

1, the integrated appliances to the professional appliance dealer dealer development expertise and strong to do

Decision now most agents are often agents across several industries with N-appliance brands, I know a dealer, agent of the brand from the color TV, refrigerators to washing machines, stereos, fans, etc. and so on, some more involved in all the household appliances industry, it looks very powerful, very powerful, but really refined to a specific industry, its size is also very limited, thus, to the specific appliance maker that this influence extremely limited, so not only can not reduce the purchase cost, more importantly, the appliance maker that channel the low status of the value chain system, the lack of a home appliance manufacturer’s policy support and the cost advantages of agents, how can he in the market competitive.

A result, there is a home appliance as an agent, in order to survive in the market, it is necessary to change the original agent model, how to post, concentrated in a specific industry, to make good use of their limited funds, which focus on agents of a one or a few brands, manufacturers improve their upstream channel the role of value chain system to seek more right to speak, to do large upstream manufacturer’s agents. I came into contact with an appliance dealer, Jiangsu, because in the past two years, focus on audio branding agency, because of its brand positioning its agents are more specific to a certain extent the formation of specific dislocation within the industry operate, as energy and capital are concentrated, their agency brand in the local sales will go up quickly, and quickly create and agents in the industry in audio form a high reputation, and become the agent of key brands across the country to support and agents rely on one.

2, highlighting their logistics functions, to do major appliance manufacturers, “third-party logistics” providers

Upstream channel flat reform, does not mean that manufacturers will take all the flow functions, in fact, the upstream channel for manufacturers of flat campaign, we have to spend a lot of money, material and human resources as a precondition, as manufacturers, will not and can not have so much financial and material resources, manpower to fully enter the circulation they were not familiar with it for them, is worth the look. Most manufacturers of flat channel, is stationed throughout the terminal to the sales staff, in the compressed state on behalf of, on behalf of the same province, fully support the regional household appliances agents, with particular emphasis on regional home appliances agents can be given to manufacturers in logistics flat channel campaign to support.

Generally able to implement flat channels are relatively strong manufacturing business, if you want to continue to be the agents of this class of appliance business, we must inevitably strengthen the logistics in the building, and strengthen the delivery capacity of , must also have some cash flow. Manufacturers in the business flow into the system after the full development potential of their own logistics. While the product may be greater than the profit margin has dropped, but this way, agents own marketing costs reduced in line at the same time, the agent’s take the goods they can be straight up, coupled with year-end manufacturers rebate , together, the profit level should not be too low.

Home Trends Furniture

A bathtub is one of the most sensitive and specific functions of a bathroom, so it is usually easier to choose a bath first and leave the rest of the decisions for the design of the project. Since it has not established any solid border style it can be somewhat overwhelming to review the huge selection available on the market today. Here is a checklist that could help reduce their options.

Simple functions. Do we need a combination shower/tub, you have the space for a separate shower and tub, or just need a bath, “Will the tub to be used as a primary or bath for relaxation?

Large whirlpool tubs and other large ornamental tubs are great for relaxation and appear beautiful, but these can be annoying and wasting energy to be used as a primary area of bathroom.

Functional Special Interests

Is there a potential future need for a tub accessible to the disabled?

Someone who uses the tub has a limited range of motion?

Deep tubs are nice, but they can be difficult for people with a limited range of movement in and out.

Are some of the children or elderly users?

Anti-slippery surfaces are a security advantage for everyone, but should be defined for a child and another for seniors.


The force of cleaning required to remove hard water spots can damage the porcelain. If water in your home is extremely hard, you may want to consider an acrylic tub or fiberglass.

Space and Proportion

How much space your bathroom can appoint a tub?

Are you looking tubs in proportion with the space?

You may be able to save space, but a tub that is too high or wide for the size of the room can still be avoided in the place. On the other hand a small tub in a huge space can do the same.

Note: Bathroom Renovations are usually best served by a tub that can act as a direct replacement for existing tub. The styles and designs can be changed completely, but the opening of the drain and faucet dimensions should all be compatible. It is entirely possible to change all these, but will be considerably more difficult and expensive.


The tubs are made for many different body types, tall, short, thick and thin. The only way to know if a tub is comfortable sitting in it. It might feel silly in a sense a tub at the store, but usually there are permitting. How expensive are these days, you better take a test ride.

Adding a Patio to Your Home

There are several things a home owner can do to increase the value of their homes. Renovations and diy home improvement projects are the most successful paths to follow. In order to increase the value of your property, you must start by making the property more appealing to potential buyers. Once your property appeals to a broader range of potential buyers, the sale of your property is virtually guaranteed.

The key to increasing the value of any property is knowing where in the home to renovate to bring the best increased value results. The rooms in your home that most increase the value of your property include the kitchen and bathroom. Additional storage space or living space such as an attic or basement also add to the value of the home once renovated.

Creating a living space that flows and accommodates any size of family is what potential home buyers are ultimately looking for. When you renovated any one of these rooms in your home while sticking to a moderate and realistic budget the potential value of your home can be achieved. When it comes to utilizing the garden or outdoor space to add value to your home, creating the perfect patio space will instantly increase the property value overnight.

Construct a patio that not only increases the value of the home instantly, but it also utilizes the outdoor space. Patios create a functional outdoor space that can be used by the entire family. Another aspect of patios space is that it offers a shielded protective area for the home. Patios are great all year round and provide a wonderful spot for barbecues or lounging with a book.

Enlisting the services of professional contractors to carry out the work will ensure the quality and durability of the patio once constructed. As patios come in a variety of styles to suit the home owner’s requirements and property needs, selecting a patio design that blends in with the exterior of the home as well as the additional outdoor space is advised.

Choose the location of the new patio to maximize sunlight or afternoon shade. Determine the size of the patio space and design a patio that is versatile for multi-function use. Select the building materials and a color scheme for the patio that complement others aspects in the garden. Once the patio is completed, accessorize your new patio with patio furniture such as fold up deck chairs and tables.

Stylish, comfortable and durable, patio furniture completes the new patio space to perfection. Include a collection of flower bed arrangements along the edge of the patio to further enhance the look of the new outdoor versatile space. Patio heaters are also great for cool evening, fall and winter use of the patio.

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