Home Security DVR

A home security DVR system is the current trend in most newly installed home security systems. This is due in a large part to the limited amount of maintenance that is needed when compared to a security system that utilizes a VHS recording of the premises.

When home security systems were first used, there were only two options. This was to either only monitor the area under surveillance with security personnel or record it on a VHS tape. The hiring of security personnel or a security agency does cost a good deal of money and for some it is worth it. For those that used a VHS tape to record the surveillance time periods, there was the daily chore of replacing the tape. Most people that used the tape system only had between 2 to 30 tapes. If there was a time period that needs to be observed that was not in the allotted time of the tapes usage, then the time period was gone forever due to the fact that the tape was rerecorded over.

These disadvantages have mainly been done away with since the introduction of the home security DVR systems. This security system makes a digital recording of the areas under surveillance and saves it on a hard drive. The only limitation is the available hard drive space. With the amount of space on current hard dives ever expanding, this means surveillance times can be kept theoretically forever.

Convenience is another reason to utilize a home security DVR system. Viewing of the time periods that have been recorded can be done via an internet link or downloaded onto a flash drive. This way a review can be done at the place chosen by the viewer at their convenience.

If you are deciding on a new security system for your home, investigate all the advantages of the new home security DVR systems available today on the market.