Using Steel In Your Home Kitchen

Stainless steel has become a very important material in the home, whether it be used in the kitchen, the living room or even the bedroom. With the modern trends in decorating calling for clean, simple designs and fashions, it is finally steels turn to be the commanding material in modern design, ousting wood from the top spot as the most popular material for home furnishings. There is another material that is starting to really become popular for use in furniture in the home, and it is plastic. Steel however still holds the number one spot when it comes to preference in decor.

The kitchen is the room of the house in which steel seems most appropriate, and it is the place in which most edge tools are used in the home. Although mirrored steel can scratch and suffer from water stains, these days you will often find panels, table tops and counter tops with grind matte surfaces or wire drawing faces to combat this. There are certainly many different choices for materials when it comes to your kitchen surfaces, ranging from porcelain to ceramic, plastic to steel. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, so you will have to compare and do some research to find if steel would be the best material to use.

Anything in the kitchen that is made of this material is shiny, revealing strong features of todays post modern era. If you are interested in going further with steel in your kitchen than just using just stainless steel appliances, you might be interested in some steel counter tops. Many people of course already have stainless steel sinks, and think that cabinets made of the same material would be suitable. They are right however, it also looks very nice when you have stone material sinks with the stainless cabinets too. This is mainly because both materials emit a sense of strength to them, and while a stainless steel sink targets characteristics of rich marble or artificial stone are fine complementary choices.

Stainless steel table tops are also avant garde, they look shiny and are actually resistant to dirt. They are very easy to clean, even if something has been sitting on them for days. In the summer days, a lot of people like them because they are cool to the touch, and it seems to even eliminate feelings of scortching heat made by hot heat and smoke during the cooking! Out of all of the available materials for kitchen counter tops, stainless steel is finally on top, with an excellent capacity to be anti bacterial, unlike more porous materials that might be used.

Kitchen Countertop Ideas

In a lot of ways the kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. It’s where you prepare and eat meals with your family and where you entertain guests. The kitchen is also the area of the home that presents the largest array of design choices. From flooring, to light fixtures or faucets—there’s no shortage of choices available to homeowners building their dream kitchen. One of the major decisions facing these homeowners, from a design and functionality perspective, are countertops. Countertops take up large amounts of space in the kitchen and it’s important to make sure the type of countertop you choose is applicable to its environment and the design scheme. Below you’ll find a few popular options.

Stone Countertops

Stone is one of the more sought after materials for kitchen countertops. There are many different types of stone to choose from, all of which have their own unique style and attributes. It can stand up to the heat of hot pans and water but that doesn’t mean it’s impervious. With light maintenance and sealing you can keep them looking brand new. Stone countertops come in various price points and styles but they tend to trend upwards in regards to price.

Laminate Countertops

These countertop types are even more common because of their upside. They’re easy to clean and are very durable. Laminates are also available in a lot of different colors and are easy to fit into an overall design scheme. In regards to price they’re fairly inexpensive and easier to squeeze into budgets.

Glass Countertops

Glass may not be an obvious choice for countertops but when used correctly they can be a stunning and contemporary addition to any home. Glass countertops are also very easy to clean and hygienic since they’re non-porous and stain proof. They can stand up to intense heat and moisture as well. Glass countertops are by no means fragile but they’re also not as durable as other countertop options, so always exercise care around them. Glass countertops can be back painted with glass paint in order to achieve a wide range of alluring colors. If you’re curious of the selection of colors available you can visit this glass paint gallery.

The author of this article has extensive experience with glass paint kitchen fixtures. Examples of his work can be found in his glass paint gallery.

A contemporary kitchen for your home

As the kitchen is the heart of the home for many families, a new kitchen will require a great deal of planning and design with emphasis on the features and materials used. A kitchen should not only look good, but also be functional and last for many years, as it is a large investment. It is possible to either design and fit a kitchen yourself if you are handy in this area, or enlist professionals to ensure a fully guaranteed kitchen.

The design is a crucial stage of choosing your kitchen and a professional kitchen designer will prove to be invaluable. The arrangement of appliances, cupboards and other fittings will impact upon your lifestyle and should all work together to make life as easy as possible for the whole family. There are many companies who fit kitchens but you should look for a company who can take care of the whole process from the planning stages through to fitting. Here at Wickes we offer a professional kitchen design service to ensure you get the kitchen you are looking for. You will also find project leaflets with Wickes contemporary kitchen designs and ideas so that you can purchase one of our take away kitchens to fit yourself.

Take away kitchens allow you to purchase whatever you like from a range, only buying the pieces that you need in order to update your existing kitchen. Doing this will allow you to keep prices as low as possible, whilst still achieving a contemporary kitchen. Wickes contemporary kitchen designs and ideas will show you how to make the most of space that you have, creating a much larger area for the whole family to dine in style or just relax with friends.

Many families use the kitchen as a main living area, with children doing homework after school, food preparation and storage as well as providing a dining area to entertain friends and family. As a kitchen has to work hard to provide all this, a professional kitchen designer will help you to plan and allow for all eventualities whilst retaining style and keeping the cost as low as possible.

There are many features of a new kitchen to consider such as the flooring, wall coverings, material to be used for work surfaces and units and colour scheme. Usage should be considered when choosing wall and floor covering as a kitchen that has high traffic volumes will require an easy to clean, hardwearing finish which retains the sense of style and elegance that you are looking for. Wickes contemporary kitchen designs and ideas offer you the chance to look at the latest designs and styles, while also comparing colour schemes to see the effect they would have on your kitchen.

The latest kitchen designs also maximise space in your kitchen which is always useful, while keeping clean lines and avoiding clutter. A simple, clean finish to a kitchen can be achieved by clever use of space saving design for storage, with easy to care for materials.