Homeowners Need Home Inspections Too

If I had a nickel for every time; Ok I not going to start my article off with that old cliché, although it’s very true. Some of the major issues I run across doing my Home Inspections are from issues, if identified earlier, could have been corrected with much less headache and your hard earned money. The average homeowner will never go into the places in their home to actually identify these issues on a regular basis. Small issues left unidentified and uncorrected over a long term can cause serious issues. On average most home maintenance issues can be corrected for fewer than two hundred dollars if caught in time.

There are several examples of this kind, I will include just a few.

Last week I inspected a very nice newer home in North Texas that from the outside appeared to be very well maintained and in great shape. However, when I entered the attic and inspected the two natural gas fired hot water heaters I discovered that sections of the flue pipes, on both units, had been removed to allow the installation of AC duct work. This was allowing the poisonous fumes from the heaters to be pumped into the attic. This condition could allow the fumes to make their way down into the house and poison the homeowners with no sign at all. Once reported both units where repaired and the HVAC contractor was called to witness the type of work that was completed.

Inspecting crawl spaces, which is never my favorite thing to do; I find a lot of them to be wet/damp and poorly ventilated. These conditions can cause major damage to all the wood sub-structure in the crawl space. Once these conditions are identified steps can be made to make the necessary corrections, with little or no impact to the homeowner.

The Home Inspectors job is not to find every single little item that is wrong with a house. We can not see through walls, under floors or anything else that requires supernatural powers. Our job is to alert the homeowner of major issues with the house that are deficient and the potential of becoming major issues in the future.

These are just the tip of the ice berg on the issues that are uncovered during a normal home inspection. If you have not had your home inspected in the past several years maybe you should. Or you can just sit back and home that your house will not develop these or any other major issues.

Remember, small problems always grow up faster that you think and become major problems.
What are you going to do?

Asbestos Surveys and Inspections

There are different types of asbestos. However; some types are commonly used than others .Among the most commonly used are the Chrysotile which is a member of the serpentine group. It’s used in adhesives, fire doors. Plaster and texture coatings among many more. Vinyl tiles are also made with asbestos as one of the components hence an s a result of this common use; asbestos surveys have been enforced by government agencies.

Amosite is the second most popular type of asbestos. Most buildings in the Unites States of America have this type of asbestos ad a constituent. They are used in low density boards for insulation, insulations that cover chemicals and many more. There are many types of water and construction pipes that have been made with asbestos hence it is so widely used.

The health hazards that asbestos cause makes asbestos surveys a necessity. The Chrysotile is the main cause of tumors that affect many animals. Human beings that work in areas where this type of asbestos is available may also suffer from Mesothelimus.Pleural plagues and the Asbestos warts are other diseases that people who are exposed to asbestos suffer from.

Asbestos have been banned in the United States and although this has been done, regular asbestos surveys are still done to make sure that the damage that it can cause is mitigated. Many countries the world over have also done this since the amount of suffering that asbestos can cause is irreversible. The chemicals in it are very toxic hence every government should ensure that its population is protected from the adverse effects of this abrasive chemical. Other than educating the people about the potential dangers, continuous asbestos survey can help a lot.

It’s advisable that you avoid using materials that has asbestos in them. There are many building materials that are still available in the shops which have some asbestos in them. It’s advisable that you take the necessary conditions to conduct careful asbestos survey on the materials that were used to manufacture the materials. It’s advisable that you ask the processionals who understands about building materials or consult the manufacturers guide.

Asbestos survey is a critical requirement that can help save lives of both human beings and animals. There are many people who are not aware of the presence of asbestos amidst themselves hence endangering their lives a lot. It’s important that you hire the services of a qualified asbestos expert to help look at your needs and take the necessary steps to ensure that you are not exposed to the hazards of asbestos.

Home Inspections

It is a rare thing to happen for a home to be bought without any home inspection followed through first. If the seller had their listing listed in “as is” condition does not mean that first an inspection can first be done. If it is a house that the bank owns then a home inspection is very important. This is because they do not give any disclosures, nor do they know of any problems these will be needed to be discovered entirely on your own.

There are many people that have advertisements as home inspectors. Unfortunately you may not get the best references for a home inspection form your agent either. Agents are scared that you may find a problem that will turn you away from the deal if you have a good inspector. These are very tough times and all agents should be very loyal to all their customers.

Do not go for an inspector that is just going to give you a visual inspection, looks like and has are two different things. Good inspections should include a turn on of all appliances to check for temperature, check of the furnace and the air cooling system, a water heater check for pressure, all outside lighting needs to be checked, all lights and fixtures need to be turned on, check all plumbing and also check for water damage, check foundations for any cracks, get up on the roof, go through the attic, and check the garage along with all storage spaces. This is just the beginning of a good inspection. After this is all finished you will receive a report of everything that had been done, from there you should be able to make a clear and wise decision.

For an agent getting a bad call would be a dark part of their day, for them to avoid this they should advise all buyers first to be sure that the homes are inspected before the buyer buys.