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CEOs or CEOs have changed hands, in no small waves off the industry. The author believes that the company behind household appliances in recent years reflects the philosophy and operation of the change of thoughts began to search for more efficient growth and sustainable development. It also reflects the existence of industries and enterprises in the unspoken rules.

Should be said that the personnel changes in the back, from two reasons: first, the normal corporate restructuring and staff development personnel. Like the U.S., the Panasonic adjustment is to better develop human resources potential and role playing staff. Second, the adjustment of business ideas and changes. As general manager of business owners, often play a leading role. Once the shift in business thinking, and stability by adjusting the operators can quickly promote the company’s new strategy and implementation. Like the LG, Glanz, TCL and other changes in corporate sales manager, is faced with business ideas to the adjustment.

In fact, China’s household electrical appliance enterprises in the long-term development, have always been self-oriented enterprises and develop human resources system. Whether


, TCL has already begun implementation of the global expansion of such enterprises, or beauty,


Galanz and other rapidly developing enterprise, both in-house staff formed an effective mechanism for training and turnover. Rapid development momentum in recent years

Home appliance chain



Electric many years ago, on the quite far-sighted to launch the “1200”


Works in the rapid development of home appliance chain accumulation of human resources. Therefore, in the appliance industry has always been the Whampoa Military Academy does not exist, nor Popular airborne, electrical appliances company CEOs more trust in their staff training. And their own talents in

Corporate Culture

Fusion, unspoken rules, internal management, has a big advantage. In this respect, foreign-funded enterprises are amazingly similar. Expand their participation in the Chinese market, the high-level and more directly from the headquarters presence. Although this is a period of time to promote the stable development of enterprises, but the acceptance of new ideas and thinking will have to step behind.

The other hand, household electrical appliance enterprises in the development process in recent years, has continued to adjust their thinking and strategy, but this adjustment tends to integrate the cost of personnel. At present, the appliance industry has been fast from the previous years into the slowly progressive radical, changes in the way of this growth have forced many companies to adjust to the business strategy, especially the development of support to rely on large-scale enterprises in this state is facing a balance scale and profit test. As leaders of various strategies, business or person in charge of the market faces many challenges and pressures. Because of poor operating performance due to the responsible persons not new to class, but in the development process created a vicious


, A slight discomfort on the substitutions, much worse. Idea of this operation gives one to blame, do not know to find an effective solution. Thus to the development of strategic and operational business continuity of ideas caused a lot of resistance.

Present context of global economic integration, the domestic market


Increasingly fierce, some potential exists in the industry rules have been unable to support and promote the sustainable development of enterprises, to face the greater the content and level of innovation. In this way, our appliance business to get long-term development.

Seasonal Selling Kitchen Appliances Health Home Appliances Shenyang Sales Up – Heating Appliances,

See cold weather, the market has not so cold. Instead, electric heating with heat function in Chen Cheng
Hot. Experts advise consumers buy heating appliances should pay attention to safety, efficiency and health.

Home Appliances
Sales getting better

Winter, the market for the “warm”, “hot” marked increase in demand for home appliances. Reporter visited several large appliance stores understand that, like
Water heater
, Electric heating,
Washing machine
, Heaters,
Such seasonal consumption of home appliances have become the darling of the market.

Reporter noted that these seasonal style appliances, model, features an endless stream, there are many manufacturers to compete for market share, have introduced a variety of promotional activities, consumer crowd surge.

consumers selected a small electric heater, he told reporters that he was often in the home office, this two-day special feeling cold feet, so we bought a small electric heater for your feet warm, very affordable and practical.

Winter dry weather, coupled with the use of home heating appliances, indoor part of the water consumed, and many homes and offices are equipped with a humidifier.

Introduced, according to store salesperson, cartoon cute shaped humidifiers for attracting the attention of young people, so selling the hottest. Meanwhile, in order to be closed in winter indoor sterilization, increased number of humidifier dust, disinfection functions, highly popular with consumers.

Kitchen “health appliance” sales rise

The saying goes, the best tonic in winter time. Winter, cold weather, people are more willing to eat a calorie of food, but fat has become a worry, Ms. Amy.

Increasing attention for consumer nutrition and health needs, many of the kitchen
Small appliances
Start playing the “health and nutrition card.” Such as the market is selling the purple sand pot over the fire, on the use of special material, playing the “break down fat, chicken soup is not greasy” slogan.

By Li Yixing pot sales staff told reporters that winter, come to ask the consumer to buy a 30% increase than last month or so, and most consumers have chosen the larger capacity products for winter and share delicious family nutrition. As simple, but also greatly sought after younger partners.

Safe, efficient, and healthy both

Bring electricity for heating in winter, many people bear a grudge. Because electric heating fire, electric bed, fire and other incidents occur. Experts advise consumers choose to grasp three major heating appliances: safety, efficiency and health.

In general, consumers choose the best heating appliance store to buy regular formal brand, the best selection of certified through the National 3C products are clearly marked, pay attention to whether the appliance to prevent overheating, over-current protection device, if use the bathroom, whether such water resistance. In addition, the thermal conversion efficiency, energy saving
Electric heating is an important purchase reference. If the price is reasonable, consumers can buy a heating appliance with bacteria.

The same time, consumers should pay attention to the safe use of heating appliances. Electric heating
Power supply
Must use qualified, the three holes with ground socket, should not be used in conjunction with high-power electrical appliances. When the room in no time, must take the electrical heating power supply disconnected.

Many consumers have to put wet clothes on a baking habit of heating appliances, it is a scientific method of use of heating appliances, as covering materials, the heat can not be distributed in time, will cause heating appliances burning or ignition covering dangerous goods.

Home Improvement Tips

You will need a lot of growing room in your home continuously bother you? Instead of moving the seat, and he wants a bigger house, where you keep all your stuff, it would be wise to upgrade your home instead. With the addition of another area that could serve as the home office and extra storage space, you can finally answer the calls for more space, but is a valuable trait.

But creating a home next to the approach requires that some preparatory work. If you want smoother sailing home improvement, should be organized for a long time, this cost-effective home improvement project takes place. Here are some things you need to prepare before you add a lot of life in the house of your home.

Create your own lines

The first thing you should try before hiring a contractor, and inform him of their plans for home improvement work on the land lines at home. This important task will help you out style house, which is not contrary to the fundamental building codes implemented by the local government or a housekeeper.

Lighting is important inside and outside the home. Although it is not easy, that you can not see at night, and around the house. Is it the lack of improvements in the lighting space? Read below to find five suggestions to improve lighting, which may be tired of your home.

Living space

Your life is too light in the dark? Then add extra lights around the room. This leads to a better light than a watt bulbs too. This method will be able to provide enough light, if you want, without using electricity. You might want to add a shelf lighting, if your budget allows you to do the electrical work.


Your vacation, you will find that you have sufficient lighting or unhealthy light. This can be done rather than lamp above the mirror. Will be an electrician or do not want to try this depends on if you are working comfortably in the hand. You will want to rule out all the cables before you take the last lights off though. When placing wires in the same way the new units can be light enough to matter. Should follow the instructions on your device or you will be able to ask the people in the house repair shop nearby, how to install it.


Kitchen lighting over the sink should be reasonable, but not all home with him. There are different models of lamps, is a professional in the case of lighting in any way to be there. Some units are designed with glass globes to low light, you just want to know if you can get a clear view of the world to exchange the frozen one. e.