Homeowners Need Home Inspections Too

If I had a nickel for every time; Ok I not going to start my article off with that old cliché, although it’s very true. Some of the major issues I run across doing my Home Inspections are from issues, if identified earlier, could have been corrected with much less headache and your hard earned money. The average homeowner will never go into the places in their home to actually identify these issues on a regular basis. Small issues left unidentified and uncorrected over a long term can cause serious issues. On average most home maintenance issues can be corrected for fewer than two hundred dollars if caught in time.

There are several examples of this kind, I will include just a few.

Last week I inspected a very nice newer home in North Texas that from the outside appeared to be very well maintained and in great shape. However, when I entered the attic and inspected the two natural gas fired hot water heaters I discovered that sections of the flue pipes, on both units, had been removed to allow the installation of AC duct work. This was allowing the poisonous fumes from the heaters to be pumped into the attic. This condition could allow the fumes to make their way down into the house and poison the homeowners with no sign at all. Once reported both units where repaired and the HVAC contractor was called to witness the type of work that was completed.

Inspecting crawl spaces, which is never my favorite thing to do; I find a lot of them to be wet/damp and poorly ventilated. These conditions can cause major damage to all the wood sub-structure in the crawl space. Once these conditions are identified steps can be made to make the necessary corrections, with little or no impact to the homeowner.

The Home Inspectors job is not to find every single little item that is wrong with a house. We can not see through walls, under floors or anything else that requires supernatural powers. Our job is to alert the homeowner of major issues with the house that are deficient and the potential of becoming major issues in the future.

These are just the tip of the ice berg on the issues that are uncovered during a normal home inspection. If you have not had your home inspected in the past several years maybe you should. Or you can just sit back and home that your house will not develop these or any other major issues.

Remember, small problems always grow up faster that you think and become major problems.
What are you going to do?

Spacious Living DIY

Determining the best ways to use the space that you have is not as hard as it sounds. If you are tired of clutter and disarray, use these tips to get your home in order. Things will be easy to find, everything will have a place, and cluttered closets will be a thing of the past.

Lots of people like to buy extras of certain things so that they have them when they need them. While it is a good idea to be prepared, don’t fail to plan where you are going to put all of these extras. If you don’t have space for it, chances are it’ll end up in a heap or crammed in a closet. Inevitably, you won’t be able to find it when you need it and you will end up spending more money to buy another. This is a common problem in many homes.

A lack of storage space does not have to mean a lack of storage. Orderly cabinets, desks and closets take a little work, but you are capable of doing it yourself. First you have to get rid of whatever you do not use, even if it is new. Some people have office supplies ready to go for years and years without touching them. If you really think that you won’t use them, give them away to friends and family, or donate them to a local school, day care or non-profit organization.

Use big boxes to separate items into trash, give-aways, yard sale items and items to keep. Once you have cleared the space, make stacks or piles of things you are keeping to determine what categories you have to organize. For a desk, you may have office supplies, bills, letters, things to do, computer cords, battery chargers, CD’s and DVD’s, upcoming events, photos, books, software, printer paper and ink. That’s a lot of stuff to not have organized! Labeled containers that match or shelves dedicated to certain items can help you quickly find what you need and avoid the dreaded piles that are so common on people’s desks.

Take your boxes to the next area to be organized, the closet. Again, pull out everything. Quickly decide what can be thrown away, given away or sold. Fill your boxes until your closet is empty. Place your items that will stay on the bed. This will give you a big area to work with. Go through the items you are keeping and categorize. Large storage containers or moveable garment racks are a must for storing out of season clothing.

With what’s left, you can create the most space by hanging it according to length. You may choose to separate by use; work clothes, casual clothes, etc. Whichever you do, you will need to replace mix-matched hangers with space saving hangers. Cascading hooks or piggy backing attachments can turn ordinary hangers into specialty hangers, creating up to fifty percent more space. The best space saving hangers are called slim line hangers. Their thin design is accompanied by superior strength and a velvety surface that won’t let clothes slip off on to the floor. Getting your home in order will help you maximize space and get your life organized.

Home Improvement

There are basic types of foundations that builders use before beginning the construction of a home. Foundation problems can be a stressful, potentially costly endeavor, filled with uncertainty, particularly if not done professionally. Foundation repair Los Angles is needed when your foundation begins to settle.
Foundation repairs are an essential home improvement. It’s important to build the foundation correctly the first time. The Build A Better Home program from Foundation repairs Los Angles. When your choices are few and far between, you need to find the best contractor for the job. Foundation repair Los Angles is one of the best.
Do you waterproof first, or do you install Foundation repairs Los Angles products first? Simply put, it depends on the recommendations of your foundation expert. Is water infiltration causing your problems? Is water collecting around your home? Are your gutters and sump pump working properly? Is your foundation settling due to poor soil support or changing soils under your home? Are there vertical cracks in your basement walls? Are there horizontal cracks in your walls?
These questions all will be answered in the initial inspection of your home. Your foundation engineer will talk you through your individual needs and suggest methods of repair. Generally you will need a combination of Foundation repairs Los Angles and waterproofing. When used together you can be assured that your home will be restored to its original structural integrity while removing water issues that can cause future foundation problems.
An experienced site investigator can use the information obtained to determine not only the specific area of distress but also the underlying cause of the problem. After this information has been compiled and analyzed and only after this it has been analyzed, a plan of structural repair Foundation repair Los Angles can be generated for your home. Your home is your most valued asset and you should treat is as such.