Bathroom Cabinets Design

The bathroom cabinet’s design is one of the most important decisions in your home. In the rush of building a new home or remodeling, careful attention should be paid to the bathroom. This is usually where the day starts, so it is important that the design of the bathroom is without errors. Cabinets come at a certain height and width, but taller persons may be quite uncomfortable using a standard size cabinet. Cabinets that have to be site built, or special built, may cost a little more, but considering the time period they are going to be used, it is money well spent.

A close look at the drawers in a cabinet will not only show how they are designed, but also how well they work. Not only will they operate smoothly, but there should be enough drawers to store all the modern devices found in today’s bathrooms. Even more expensive cabinets sometimes compromise on the quality of the drawers. They need to be sturdy enough and large enough to hold heavy items like electric curlers and hair dryers. The slides on the drawer should operate smoothly, and the drawer should not wobble.

Close attention needs to be paid to the bottom of the drawers. How thick the material is, and how it is held in place, will determine how long it will last under heavy use. Smaller drawers should be available for more personal items, and should be placed in a part of the cabinet where they can be easily reached. Very few cabinets make good use of the space under the sink. This area usually winds up with exposed pipes, and in some, the unfinished back wall can be seen. More consideration seems to be given to the plumber than the homeowner.

The exterior of many cabinets is often made of particleboard covered with a paper like material. These often look very good, but may not hold up well in a bathroom with heavy traffic and small children. Cabinets that are painted may require more labor initially, but they can usually be cleaned without harming the finish, and they can be more easily touched up if they are stained or chipped. The material under the finish needs to be carefully selected for strength and durability. Being constantly exposed to moisture can cause some cabinets to warp.

Choosing the hardware for a bathroom cabinet’s design should be based on more than just looks. Knobs and pulls need to be smooth to the touch, and should have enough surface to be easily gripped. The hinges can be exposed or hidden, but once that choice is made it is not easily changed when remodeling later. Doors that don’t close properly will not be a problem if the hinges are carefully selected. Spending a little time choosing the bathroom cabinet’s design can be fun, and make your new bathroom more enjoyable.

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Various Ideas For Desert Landscaping

Desert landscaping is a unique way of making the most out of an area of your home that may be too arid. You might also just be inclined to having a desert outside in your yard. Desert landscaping is actually not as difficult as you might think. You will have to consider your region, if it is conducive to desert landscaping or if it is too chilly at times. The availability of some plants that are suitable for desert landscaping may also pose a problem for you.

Common Plants Used for Desert Landscaping

Cacti are among the more commonly found plants in the desert that can be grown for desert landscaping. There are many different varieties of cactus and they bear beautiful flowers. These are hardy plants that can go without water for several days and in fact, it is advised not to water them daily to avoid rotting.

Bougainvillea is another plant that you might want to consider for desert landscaping. It is actually a tropical plant that can grow almost anywhere in the world and does not need specific care or constant maintenance. This plant is often called a creeper because it can creep to anywhere if unchecked. It will develop a trunk if left to grow and mature and can be very hardy. It does not need daily watering but thrives well under the sun and will need to be trimmed regularly if you do not want it to grow too big for your desert landscaping purposes.

The Oleander is also one of the plants you can have for desert landscaping. It is a poisonous shrub so care must be taken when there are children or pets around. It usually has pink flowers or many different shades and is a perennial plant. You will need to regularly trim this plant in order to maintain the size and appearance that you want. These shrubs are great for hedges.

The Pampas grass is also one great for desert landscaping, not only because it looks particularly well but also because it gives your landscape a very natural look. It is not small like ordinary grass and can be as tall a several feet so you will need to trim it according to your preferences. Make sure you give it a lot of space to grow.

These are just a few recommendations of plants for desert landscaping. You might also want to go with what you think may look great in choosing plants for your desert landscape. Plants that are hardy and perennial are great for this type of landscape.