Small House Plans Mean Faster Success

Building a home is not an overnight job. There’s a lot of planning, preparing, analyzing, scheduling, buying, organizing, and execution. It can seem endless. What you thought might take a few months can take more than two years!

But, what about a small home? Can that be done more quickly? Absolutely! And you can still get what you want and enjoy a beautiful home when you’re done.

The Benefits of Speed

I’ve coached hundreds of people in their home building projects. I know first hand how long it can take to build a home. And I know first hand that the longer it takes, the harder the process becomes and the chances of failure increase.

Look at these benefits of building a smaller home and building it faster:

Smaller homes require smaller crews to build
Small house plans require far fewer building materials
Small homes encounter fewer problems, challenges, and slow-downs
These homes are less complicated and costly to prepare/design
They require less engineering for the structure
Smaller foundations and rooflines are much quicker to build
Faster building times mean smaller loans and less interest charges

Long drawn out building times are discouraging and tax your patience and enthusiasm diminishes. It’s difficult to over-state the advantages of a shorter time frame for building a home.

Can You Get What You Want in Your Small Home Plan?

If you have to give up the things you want in a home just for the speed, you’ve made the wrong choice. Small homes and speedy build times are great goals but you’ll want to be sure you get what you want.

To be sure you do, prioritize your list of wants and convey this to your home’s designer. Take your time before you begin building and before you get any loan. Preparation is critical. Knowing what you want is the key factor. You will likely have to make compromises but with patient preparation, those compromises won’t result in losing things you truly want.

Small, Fast, and Well Coached

You know what you want. You’ve planned it all out. And you’ve created a small home design that can be built quickly. I recommend one more thing. Use a home building coach to keep you on track and spot any difficulties that may arise.

For a small fee, you can hire this construction management advisor who will be just one more arrow in your quiver to ensure a successful and *speedy* home building experience.

Now, go build that small house plan!

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

New kitchen cabinets are something that people can do to their homes to update them drastically without having to change a lot. Wooden kitchen cabinets are extremely popular, easy to take care of, and come in many different colors, types, and price ranges.

Some different types of light wooden cabinets include maple, pine, oak, birch, ash, beech, and chestnut. Some darker toned wooden cabinets include cherry (which is more of a mid-dark color), ebony, butternut, rosewood, teak, and mahogany. There is also alder wood which can be almost white and hickory which can range from white to a light brown. If none of these colors are appealing, there is also the option to choose a light wood and buy a stain. Stain works by soaking into the wood of the cabinet and giving it an element of color. It is very difficult to lighten a dark wood so it is easier to choose a light one and darken it with stain.

There are many places available to purchase wooden kitchen cabinets. First, there are local stores such as Menards, Home Depot, Lowes, and others that have samples available and ordering information right in the store. There are also online cabinet stores whose sole purpose is selling cabinets. Also, many people choose to get their wooden units built. There are local places that do this and places online that one can order from.

Cost can be a huge factor in choosing kitchen cabinets. There are a few tips to get the best and the cheapest ones available. The method of construction and the materials used can make up to sixty percent of the cost of the units, but better products and construction will make a longer lasting unit so one should take this into consideration when choosing which wood to use and choosing the construction type of the cabinet.

The style of the cabinet can have a huge impact on price since a very simple looking cabinet door will be much cheaper than one with much detail. The type of finish can affect the price, also. If this is an issue, one can paint or stain the cabinet on their own to save some money. Lastly, the species of the wood will alter the price. Some wood is cheaper than other, so if price is an issue, one can choose a cheaper wood and stain it to look like the type they choose.

Wooden kitchen cabinets are a great way to update any kitchen and come in a wide array of types and prices so one can always find something appealing.

You can learn about white kitchen cabinets, and get much more information, articles and resources about kitchen cabinets by visiting Kitchen Cabinet Design

New Kitchen Cabinets

If you were to survey homeowners and ask them what really annoyed them the most in their home, a great many of them would tell you it is their kitchen cabinets that are their biggest problem.

Perhaps they are a horrible shade of green, the doors are falling off or they are just too small to organize properly. People find all kinds of things to hate about their kitchen cabinets.

It is little surprise then that replacing the kitchen cupboards is a priority on many homeowners to do lists, even if they are not up for a full kitchen remodel just yet.

The cabinets in a kitchen are the first thing someone really notices when they walk into the room. Aesthetic appeal is, of course, very important and there are so many kitchen cabinet options to choose from it can be bewildering, to say the least, to try to make a choice between them all.

From the traditional classic beauty of custom made wood kitchen cabinets in maple, oak, hickory and more through the function and style of Thermofoil/Melamine stock cabinetry in a myriad of styles and finishes. Even stainless steel is finding its way into the world of kitchen cabinetry these days, further complicating the homeowner’s final decision.

Style considerations aside, kitchen cabinets also need to be functional. How many times have you had a stack of pots and pans fall on you (or your foot) because your kitchen cabinets have no organizational system at all other than closing the door and hoping for the best. When choosing new kitchen cabinets this, too, is a big issue to take into consideration.

Imagine for a moment how great it would be if your kitchen had one big cabinet with all the drawers and shelf space you need to organize all those tins and boxes in a snap so that finding the ingredients for dinner was not a ten minute adventure. Or you had a mini pantry to store all your spices and sauces close at hand? All of these features and more are available today and, for many people, once they have these kinds of kitchen cabinet installed in their homes, they can hardly believe they ever survived without them.

Whether you are considering custom or stock cabinets, taking the time to find models that offer function as well as style may take a little longer than you thought, as there are so many options to choose from, but it really will be well worth the extra effort.

Do not be afraid to ask your kitchen remodeling contractor for suggestions either, as they may have come across a cabinet style you were unaware of. If you don’t have a kitchen remodeling professional lined up to install your new kitchen cabinets you may want to consider finding one.

Correctly installing new cabinetry anywhere in the home is trickier than it looks on TV and what is the use of that great new kitchen cabinet with the built in shelving and great glass fronting if it comes crashing down one day because it was improperly installed?